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Alaka Mahabidyalaya

1. The College Session & Admission :

The college session begins on 1st June and closes on 31st May. The first term is from June to December and the second term is from January to May.

Admission in the college begins soon after the publication of the results of H.S.C. Examination,
Higher Secondary Examination and University Examination and continues till the last day prescribed
by the University/Council.

2. Undertaking :

Before a student is admitted he/she or his/her guardian (if he/she is below 18 years of age) has to sign an undertaking to abide by the rules of the college.

3. Address :

Each Student must register in the college office the address at which he/she lives.
He/she must also intimate to office any subsequent change of address.

4. (a) There will be a margin of two complete days from the date of applying and date of issue of C.L.C.
and mark sheet. No. application should be submitted to the Principal directly.

(b) Identity cards should be submitted for renewal within the date n0tified on the notice board.

5. Bicycle :

Students are warned not ton use bicycles which do not belong to them without permission of the owner.
All bicycles kept in the cycle stand should be locked properly.

Students are also advised mot to keep their bicycles on the verandah, in front of the principal’s
office or any place other than the Cycle Stand.

6. Discipline :

(a) Spitting on the walls, pillars or doors of the college is strictly prohibited.
Tampering with the electrical, gas and water supply fittings is completely forbidden.
Any kind of damage to college property will be paid for by the student(s) concerned.

(b) Misbehaviour of the students in cultural functions will be severely dealt with.

(c) Sticking placards, posters and such other paper and disfiguring college walls,
doors and windows with pencil, chalk, colours, coal, tar etc. are strictly prohibited.

(d) Any student absenting himself from any college examination without obtaining exemption
will be fined as will be decided by the staff council from time to time.

(e) Students attending political meetings should not conduct themselves in a manner as to bring
themselves into undesirable prominence. They must not also take part in the proceeding.

(f) During college hours students should not make any noise and should not loiter without reason on the college verandah particularly near the Principal’s Office and Staff Common Room.

(g) Students should invariably stand silently in queue near the counters for depositing the tuition fee or for any other purpose and should not enter the office room.

(h) No club or society be started in the College and no function or meeting should be organized without the approval of the principal.

(i) Continued absence without leave for one or more days on the part of students is a serious breach
of college discipline.

(j) Student must abide by hygienic principles.

(k) Students traveling to and from Basantpur should not conduct themselves in any manner as to bring a bad name to themselves or to their institution. There should be no vandalism inside the bus.

(l) students are advised to behave decently at Basantpur Bus Stop.

7. Identity Card :

Students should as a rule keep the Identity Card in their possession. The Identity Card containing thephoto and other particulars of the student shall be produced at the beginning of each session to the Principal for his signature. Anybody not possessing Identity Card in the class room, examination hall, meeting or any other occasion shall be dealt with in such manner as the principal may decide.

8. Collection of fees :

The college fees are collected on the days notified usually, during the 2nd and the 4th week of each month. The students who fail to pay on the second date of collection are to pay within the month. Names of the students who fail to pay their fees by the last day of the month will be struck off the rolls. If they seek readmission they will have to pay the re-admission, fee (which is equal to their month’s tuition fee) along with normal dues for the month and also rupee one for University re-registration. Students are advised to avoid this unnecessary expenditure Students should get a printed official receipt from the Cashier or the Accountant who is authorized to receive the college dues.

9. General Rules of Admission :

Under no circumstance admission can claimed as a matter of right. Merit and good conduct of the applicant and any other principle as decided by the principal form time to time are taken into consideration for selection for admission Honours teaching is provided in History, Economics, Political Science, Education and Sociology.

10. Entry of Names in the Registers :

Students are required to note their tutorials/practical groups and attend (a) general lectures, (b) tutorial and or practical classes accordingly. The name of every student is entered in the register for general lecture and in the tutorial/practical registers concerned. It is the duty of the student, to find out whether his/her name has been entered in the appropriate registers. In case he/she finds that his/her name has not been entered in the registers concerned he/she should bring the fact at-once to the notice of the principal in writing.

The principal will not entertain any complaint at a later stage that a student has fallen short of the prescribed percentage on the ground that his/her name had not beer! entered in the appropriate registers in time.


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